Do you love working with your patients
but find that there is one (or more) thing(s) that frustrate you?

Are you frustrated by certain co-workers? Certain doctors? The politics?

Are you frustrated by management and/or administration?


Itís that one thing that you know if it could be different, your job then would be perfect (or at least much better!). And what if that one thing could change, what would that be worth to you? What if your outlook on your job and in your career could be different and you could become the empowered nurse that you want to be? One who can speak their mind, stand in their power, be a change agent to improve patient care and to look differently at the one thing that continues to gnaw away at you.

The Empowered Nurses Boot Camp is a program designed to give you the tools and to teach you how to dramatically improve your practice and, more importantly, your satisfaction with your practice. This program is not like any you have attended before. The tools in the program are based on scientific evidence from high performance teams outside of the nursing profession. And I am so excited to be able to now share these tools with you.

When I was ten-years-old at a camp in Wisconsin, I fell from a horse and hit my head. Fortunately, I was wearing a helmet but my head was killing me. When I looked up from the ground I saw a woman, dressed in all white and looking like an angel, looking back me. She told me she was the camp nurse and was going to take me to the hospital to help me feel better.

The whole way to the hospital, I talked to Ann, the nurse, and asked her all about what it was like to be a nurse. That day, I made the decision to be a nurse who would help people and make them feel better, just like Ann did for me.

Years later I finally graduated and received my white cap. Shortly thereafter, I realized that nursing was not the profession that I thought it was going to be. I loved helping the patients and making them feel better. But I didnít like dealing with a number of other things that came with the job but primarily my manager. She was the one thing if she went away, I would love my job. I felt disempowered and my opinion did not matter. I left that job and became an agency nurse so I did not have to deal with my manager. I was able to work on tons of different units and got to see first hand which units were high performance teams and which units were dysfunctional.

Are you are ready to change that one thing?

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2 Payments of $510.00 $160.00


I finally left nursing to become an attorney, and interestingly, there was still that one thing that bothered me. I represented doctors and nurses in medical malpractice cases. My clients, the doctors and nurses were great. This time it was the insurance company that (I thought) got in my way of being able to fully do my job. I felt disempowered and that my opinion on my cases did not matter. I went through a program and studied everything I could on empowerment and dealing with difficult situations. These tools also shifted the way I deal with time. Now I feel I have all the time I need to run 2 businesses, a successful law practice, Brown Law Office and Empowered Nurses and as a single mother to spend quality time with my 3 amazing children who are the loves of my life.

I still miss nursing. Maybe if I had these tools then, I would still be practicing. However, my nurse clients now get to benefit. I have completely shifted my law practice to representing nurses before the licensing board. They come to me complaining of some of the same problems that I faced when I was in nursing. It took me years to feel that I had the power to change something as huge as the nursing profession but then I realized that I could no longer sit back and not share what I learned to help nurses become empowered and deal with their difficult situation. So I took all the tools I learned during my years of study and developed the Empowered Nurses Bootcamp.

In this Boot Camp you will learn and implement:


a tool that, when used, will completely change the way that you look at your practice.


how to create a high performance team with your co-workers and you donít need to be in management to do this.


how to improve the one thing that is bothering you by creating win-win situations.


how to make change without being seen as a ďsqueaky wheel.Ē


how to effectively deal with the time pressures are work.


the ability to be focused and be able to follow through on your work assignments so that you get everything done that needs to get done.


be able to sleep at night without waking up wondering what you might have forgotten to do.


how to make change while finding out how to comply with the laws that affect your nursing license to prevent discipline action at work or from having to appear before the licensing board.

Are you are ready to stop struggling?

1 Payment of $997.00 $297.00

2 Payments of $510.00 $160.00

In this 4 week bootcamp, we will meet by phone or computer for 1 hour a week for 4 weeks to join our webinar. Donít worry if you cannot attend live, all the recordings will be made available and are yours to keep and listen to over and over again. The dates are July 8, 15, 22 and 29 8pm. (we will email you all the details!) We will also have an amazing private community for you to join of other nurses who are on the same journey to be an Empowered Nurse. CEs are available everywhere. This program is one of a kind and as of yet has not been approved for CEs.

In the beginning of my law career, I felt disempowered but I was able to learn the tools that helped me to feel empowered so I could practice law to the best of my ability. These tools made a dramatic impact on my life and my profession.

I have successfully taught these tools to my nursing clients and it has drastically changed the way that they practice nursing. As a result, they have gone from being frustrated in their practice to feeling fulfilled. Now, I want to share these tools with you!

If you could rid yourself of that one thing that is frustrating you in the practice, what would that be worth? And if these tools help you to protect your license so that you never have to appear before the licensing board, it will save you thousands of dollars in attorney fees while protecting your livelihood.

Are ready to say yes to being an Empowered Nurse?

1 Payment of $997.00 $297.00

2 Payments of $510.00 $160.00

Investment: $297.00 early pricing through July 4, 2014. Regular price $997.00, a savings of almost 70%. If this program is right for you, I want to make sure you can be a part of it so I am making payment options available.

Special FREE Bonuses:

  1. My book "Law and Order for Nurses: The Easy Way to Protect Your License and Your Livelihood" which has not officially been launched will be sent to you upon registration. Value: $24.99 yours free as my gift with your registration in the Empowered Nurses Bootcamp.

  2. My telesummit, "5 Days to Nursing Empowerment". Over 7 hours of audio recordings from 9 of the great leaders in nursing to give you inspiration and tools for empowerment. Value $99.00 yours free as my gift with your registration to Empowered Nurses Bootcamp.



ďBefore I attended the Empowered Nurses Boot Camp, I would not speak up when physicians and physician assistants were not giving patients all their choices and they were trying to get patients to receive the care that they recommended. After the Empower Nurses Boot Camp, I learned useful tools in communication which allow me to be proactive.

There was a situation where a physicianís assistant was insisting that a patient accept the care that was recommended. This was not what the patient wanted and we had lengthy discussions about this. The physician assistant went to my boss, and I went right behind her. I stood in my power and was able to advocate for my patient in a way in which I was totally supported by my boss. This has not happened before but using the tools, my GIFTS, that I learned through this program allowed me to speak up, stand in my power and to be my patientís advocate, which I have always wanted to do but was afraid I would get in trouble.

I truly believe Lorie has the answers to help our profession and I would encourage as many nurses as possible to take this program.Ē



ďI attended the Empowered Nurses Boot Camp and loved the way it was presented. The Nursesí Bill of Rights is so important to our profession.

I also loved how Lorie taught us how to communicate using the GIFTS and how to protect our license. I am now much more aware of how I come across and feel like I can communicate in a much more positive and effective manner in such a way that I can protect my license and not get in trouble.Ē



"Because of this new understanding, as a nurse practitioner, Iím able to teach my students more effectively. I also learned how to talk to my supervisor in a proactive manner rather than when Iím just frustrated.

This program has also helped me to become aware of possible situations that could endanger my license or put me in a malpractice situation. But the most important thing I learned is how to communicate with others and that we all need to be there to support each other.
I think the Empowered Nurses Boot Camp is a fantastic program for any nurse to get the tools and support they need to succeed in their profession.Ē



ďIím so grateful to have been a part of the Empowered Nurses Boot Camp. Before the Empowered Nurses Boot Camp, I loved what I was doing but became resigned and accepted that this is always the way that it is going to be. And when nurses are scared, theyíre more apt to make a mistake.

After the program, I felt hopeful and have a goal not to be stagnant, to look at things differently, to speak up for myself and be confident. It also has shifted the way that nursing students are treated in my facility because I took a stand and spoke up. Nursing students in our facility were treated like they were a burden and cost us more work. I was able to speak up and talk to my colleagues about remembering when we were new nurses and how we would want to be treated. Now nursing students in our facility are treated with respect and support and encouraged to be the best nurses that they can be.

Iím thrilled to have been part of the Empowered Nurses Boot Camp and would highly recommend it to any nurse as the tools in this program are invaluable. Lorie is right! When empowered nurses use their gifts, they can speak their mind and not get into trouble."



"I learned so much from the Empowered Nurses Boot Camp I donít know where to start. I think my favorite part was the Empowered Nursesí Bill of Rights. Sometimes I feel like all rights belong to the patients and, as nurses, we donít have any.

Before the Empowered Nurses Boot Camp, I liked my job but I felt overwhelmed and overburdened. I could not be everywhere at one time. After the Empowered Nurses Boot Camp, I realized that there are ways that I can get through to somebody to communicate my needs and how I can use my GIFTS when I work my shift and it makes my job so much easier. I feel like an empowered nurse and I am not alone. As things happen, I feel I have the power to do something. I can stand up for myself because I have the tools and resources I need from the Empowered Nurses Boot Camp.

There are so many good things I canít pick one to take away but being able to think through things, protect myself, even from my own self, and recognize what I can do to change things has been a life-changer and a career-changer for me. I am so thankful to Empowered Nurses and would highly recommend this program to any nurse."



Are You Ready Now?

1 Payment of $997.00 $297.00

2 Payments of $510.00 $160.00



If after the first class, you are not completely satisfied, You will receive a full refund.

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